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In the soda aisle

In the grocery store yesterday I passed a dad holding his baby in the soda aisle, right between the ginger ale and the sparkling water. He stood there, babe in his arms, simply covering it with kisses. He wasn’t trying … Continue reading

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Secret hand gestures

Yesterday I watched a woman gently coax her adolescent son away from the edge of a meltdown. As they headed toward the exit of the store we were all in, he began waving his arms and grunting “No” in a … Continue reading

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The Birthday Girl Gives Everyone Else a Gift

This Saturday my son and daughter went to a birthday party of a very close friend, let’s call her the Birthday Girl, who recently moved to another town. Though the Birthday Girl’s older sister has been acutely aware of my … Continue reading

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Open Arms

I’ve had another one of those experiences that are so complicated that it’s not easily digesting itself into a post. But it was too good not to share: There are a lot of spectrums in the special needs world. One … Continue reading

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No Pity, part 1

I bring along my son, who attends a special education school many miles away, when I pick up my daughter at her neighborhood school’s after-school program. Since he started attending the far-far-away school a year ago, the ties that bind … Continue reading

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It’s complicated

I am having a really hard time figuring out what to make of my son’s soccer practice this past Saturday. Can you help me figure it out? As part of our town’s recreation department’s efforts to create recreation opportunities for … Continue reading

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“Let there be peace, welfare and righteousness”

Reflecting on Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.‘s contribution to peace  thought I’d share a blessing by Hagen Hasselbalch which I found in Earth Prayers. It so beautifully captures the open-armed ambitions of the peace movement inspired by folks like Dr. King: … Continue reading

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