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Thanking our village

I just spent the morning dipping Oreos for teachers and helpers, which is apparently now my signature teacher gift. (Can something be “signature” after only two times?) It got me thinking back to last year’s post, which is still completely … Continue reading

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The Birthday Girl Gives Everyone Else a Gift

This Saturday my son and daughter went to a birthday party of a very close friend, let’s call her the Birthday Girl, who recently moved to another town. Though the Birthday Girl’s older sister has been acutely aware of my … Continue reading

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The most wonderful time of the year

A woman visits her rabbi to ask his advice on how to handle her family’s cramped living quarters. “Rabbi, we only have one small room and my husband and children and I are always bumping into each other. It’s so noisy … Continue reading

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Oreos for my village

My friend, who is also the mother of my daughter’s classmate, asked me a couple of weeks ago if I wanted to join in on a group holiday gift card for their teacher, thus setting off my annual tailspin of … Continue reading

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