Care Mapping “How-To” Guides Now Available!

Finally! I’ve been promising a “how-to” guide on care mapping for the last few weeks, and it’s finally ready.

My partner, Richard C. Antonelli, MD and his team at Boston Children’s Hospital have made a care mapping web page possible. Expect more features soon.

We actually ended up with two guides: one for families and one for professionals supporting families. Let me know what you think!


About Cristin L.

Earthling, pilgrim, peace warrior and special needs parent
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3 Responses to Care Mapping “How-To” Guides Now Available!

  1. Awesome, Christin! You’re my hero

  2. Debbie says:


  3. Christin: This is an amazing gift to many families and health care professionals. Would you be okay with me sharing it as an example in presentations I do with health care systems across the nation? I would include links to your site so they could see first hand what you’ve accomplished and shared with others? Mary

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