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Overtaken or working through?

Last week I wrote about how my professional and personal worlds are colliding now that I’ve started working for a project that advocates for kids (of all kinds, but especially with special needs) and their families in healthcare reform. Sitting … Continue reading

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Push it good

If you’re interested in media portrayals of disability, here’s a new one to add to the DVR list: Push Girls, a new reality show about four gorgeous, celebrity women who all use wheelchairs. Seems hot and sexy and real, which … Continue reading

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The Personal is Political is Professional

Many years ago I came across a refrigerator magnet in a quirky gift shop that I have often recalled since. On it, a line-drawn skeleton lies in repose in an open coffin; a thought bubble rising from his skull asks: “I … Continue reading

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Durga Tool #7: Google Scholar, as symbolized by Q

Here’s another in my toolbox series of techniques that inspire me to live with joy, compassion and courage, as inspired by the Hindu goddess Durga  — my nominee for patron saint of special needs parents. Back in the day, when … Continue reading

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